We are a small hobby kennel of AKC chihuahuas and ASCA Australian Shepherds located in east Texas.   Our dogs are home-raised with children, well socialized, & have wonderful personalities.  People love our dogs & sometimes more than one will go to the same home. We specialize in longcoat chihuahuas, and are constantly perfecting our lines. Most of our pedigrees have champions and well-known kennel names.
**We do not sell to commercial breeders, brokers, or otherwise unapproved homes.
    Feel free to look around, & please sign our guestbook below.
*** Inspected by AKC and passed with flying colors on 9-23-11**
***Compliant with all Texas laws***
We are currently downsizing from our already small number of chihuahuas.  Some have been/are being retired, and we are restructuring our breeding program.  Bear with us in our changes.

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